Why Settle for Just a Single Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

Why Settle for Just a Single Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

As the U.S. Open draws near, the realm of jewellery is embracing the spirit of tennis season, and at the forefront of this celebration is the beloved natural diamond tennis bracelet. Few are actually aware of the connection between this sparkling wrist adornment and the sport itself.

The tale takes us back to the U.S. Open matches of 1978, when Evert made an indelible mark. During a playoff match, she brought the game to a temporary halt, her diamond bracelet slipping from her wrist. It was in that moment that she exclaimed, "I lost my tennis bracelet." This incident etched the term into the collective consciousness, becoming synonymous with diamond line bracelets.

The Mikani collection of diamond tennis bracelets are characterised by fresh shapes, and designs. From pear shapes to emeralds and even hearts, there is a fancy cut tennis bracelet for every style. You might be asking why the tennis bracelet is still so hot? Well, it's simply because it's a classic piece that is easy to wear and one which never goes out of style. A diamond tennis bracelet is a piece that can be worn all the time, but its still special and an heirloom that is passed down.

Although it traditionally started as a piece that was worn alone, these days women are wearing them stacked in either two's, three's or fours. It is a piece that will be worn and adorned forever, it is not a piece which sits in your jewellery box untouched.

Explore our range of tennis bracelets, and maybe one day this piece will be passed down to your loved one?

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